Also put the jewelry in a dark little box lock safe in it? If jewelry is also able to perceive the words of life, so do not see the light in the cold state, do you think they be happy? Certainly not. So, we need to change the old concept of storing conservative, not necessarily to hide jewelry safe, as thieves eyeing escape, let alone find the time do not want to wear find still a problem. Its submerged displayed in the corner as good as they are honest about the storage rack, there are many items that you think can play a universal effect, such as picture frames, mugs, sculpture, egg tray …… do not know how to use? See below for details resolution.

Your frame also placed your artistic license or the beautiful landscape it? It is time to do the next innovation and change, and its role had imagined comprehensive than you. The photo is removed, plug clip or sticky hooks to hang, then a variety of dazzling jewelry cabinets, that brilliant portraits to stunning scenery than more.

Blinds with retro storage rack to place jewelry will make you an illusion, like being a particular jewelry boutique or foreign Vintage jewelers, know why? Because when hung earrings or necklace after all, and instantly formed a beautiful jewelry wall, not only easy to find used with the check, and at the same time see their feeling is too good.

I believe the pursuit of life goals of people like the collection of fine porcelain dishes with their exquisite cup or plate to purchase some for collection, some of them are in order to improve lifestyle, everyday will be used. So high-end appliances, and of course it’s much more than these types of action, but also as a storage rack jewelry, luxury jewelry when placed in exquisite cup, the picture was perfect

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